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The Living room is a gateway to your home, to your space. There is nothing like creating a luxurious and spacious living room suitable to entertain the family and the loved ones. It is also one of the most important spaces in your homes to showcase beauty by playing around with color palettes, furniture, textures, and patterns.

Often times, in cases like these, we tend to forget that one thing which can bring the perfect balance of extravagance and simplicity - The Fifth wall or the ceiling. Ceilings are not just the roofs over your heads but they can now be styled in a way that makes them look pretty from every corner of the room. Often an afterthought, False ceilings should always never be ignored as they bring the best out of aesthetics and decor of the home. Gyproc Designer False Ceilings not only helps in conserving energy, reducing wastage but also reducing the need for air conditioning while creating a perfect personalized homely decor. Now brighten up your space by adding charm to your home!

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Frequently asked questions

Why is false ceiling prefered in India?

An edge over traditional ceilings, gypsum false ceilings help decorate the room in beautiful designs and aid in concealing wires, soundproofing the room, deliver fire safety and energy efficiency and have moisture and sag resistance properties.

How do I design my living room?

While designing your living room, special attention should be paid to the walls and ceiling design for hall to ensure their colour and design match the decor you have in mind. A false ceiling design helps you achieve any design you have in mind that matches the decor.

What happens if I have a small living room?

False ceilings are customized for each room and hence can also be used as an addition to a small living room ceiling.

How much does false ceiling design for living room cost in India?

A false ceiling design for living room costs between INR 75-120 per sq/ft, depending on the design and the thickness of the board being used for the ceiling.

Types materials used to built false ceiling for living room?

A living room ceiling design can be made out of different materials such as gypsum, PoP, wood etc. Out of these, gypsum board ceilings are the most preferred material for false ceilings.

Can a hanging or swag lamp be used in the false ceiling of the living room?

Yes, a hanging or swag lamp looks good with a false ceiling in the living room.

How to maintain living room false ceilings?

A false ceiling design requires zero to very low maintenance once installed. Due to this, false ceiling designs for living rooms are being widely favoured.

Does a false ceiling add elegance in your living room?

Yes, false ceilings add elegance to your living room ceiling. It also has many other added safety benefits along with the beauty aspect.

Wall colour combination suits the best with your living room false ceiling?

A colour combination that is in sync with the false ceiling design and the decor suits the best.

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