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The Living room is a gateway to your home, to your space. There is nothing like creating a luxurious and spacious living room suitable to entertain the family and the loved ones. It is also one of the most important spaces in your homes to showcase beauty by playing around with color palettes, furniture, textures, and patterns.

Often times, in cases like these, we tend to forget that one thing which can bring the perfect balance of extravagance and simplicity - The Fifth wall or the ceiling. Ceilings are not just the roofs over your heads but they can now be styled in a way that makes them look pretty from every corner of the room. Often an afterthought, False ceilings should always never be ignored as they bring the best out of aesthetics and decor of the home. Gyproc Designer False Ceilings not only helps in conserving energy, reducing wastage but also reducing the need for air conditioning while creating a perfect personalized homely decor. Now brighten up your space by adding charm to your home!

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