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Interior construction and design is a critical portion of a project. For some, the inside of a planned space can be the hardest to visualize. Design-Build experts at Chennai Woodwork help all clients, whether they be executives or community leaders, literally see a project through from the start.


To us, there’s no such thing as a small project. We treat every project like we’re putting our name on it, and that means delivering the highest standards of Chennai Woodwork quality for every project, even the “small” ones.

There is truly no job too big or too small for us.

How It Works

Speed: We’ve done multiple projects, using each one as a learning experience we can apply to the next. We know how important it is to finish a job on-time. In fact, we strive to finish work ahead of schedule because we’ve seen owners realize huge savings and added revenue — in some cases, up to an extra 10 Lakhs — directly tied to how much sooner we’ve finished a job.

Price: Chennai Woodwork always finding ways to save owners money, its in our DNA. We treat every single project as an opportunity to add value to our customers.

Quality: It’s about more than following industry, organizational or statutory rules. A renovation, addition or new structure must be wellbuilt — from quality concrete floors to tilt-up walls to any other facet of a project. We assure owners that a partnership with Chennai Woodwork means execution of projects as if they were for our own family, friends and neighbors After all, those were our first customers back when we started.

No hassles: Construction projects are as unique as finger prints, and challenges always spring up. But we’ve been around. There’s value in making sure the construction process is as smooth as possible. It’s not always easy to make that happen, but we strive for it on every job we do because we think positive, lasting relationships matter. And it works: Over 80 percent of our business comes from return customers.

Why US

Consultation with

Get in touch with our team of professional Interior Designers and Experienced Contractors for the best tips and suggestions.


There is room for every single style and budget, with no compromise on quality standards.


Get involved with our experts in the design process. Your inputs are invaluable to us.


We bring customization to your fingertips, so you get a personalized touch in your dream home.

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